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Children's menu

Children’s menu at 9.50€ per person (lunch and dinner)

Ground beef patty with fries
Ham fries
2 scoops of ice cream
1 drink

For your events with friends and family (dinner, aperitif dinner, cocktail…), do not hesitate to contact us, for menus adapted to your desires and your budget.


Buffet at 28.00€ per person (Drinks not included)

Book and schedule with us for your evenings with friends, family, work colleagues…) – Booking / 15 people minimum


Salmon in Bellevue

Chicken in jelly

Roast pork rosette

Delicatessen butterflies

Piedmontese salad

Farandole of homemade sponge cake

Buffet at 30.00€ per person (Drinks not included)

Book and schedule with us for your evenings with friends, family, work colleagues…) – Booking / 15 people minimum


Place en Bellevue and its mayonnaise

Various deli meats

Piedmontese salad

Cold roast chicken

Chocolate sponge cake


Menu of the day / Every lunchtime from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. from Tuesday to Saturday

Dish of the day = 12,70€
Starter + main course or main course + dessert = 15,70€
Lunch menu (starter + main course + dessert) = 18,00€

Every evening from Tuesday to Saturday from 7 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. (11.30 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays and the day before public holidays)

Evening entry = 8,50€
Evening meal = 16,50€
Evening dessert = 6,00€
Evening menu (starter + main course + dessert) = 22,00€

Our menu and our dishes are 98% homemade. We have at your disposal the list of products containing allergens. All our meats are of French origin. Net prices in euros, service included.

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Classic – Terrine, charcuterie, cheese, pickles, salad, portion(s) of fries

  • Small 14,00€ / Large 22,50€

Charcuterie – Terrine, assortment of charcuterie, pickles

  • Small 6.50€ / Large 12.00€

Starters and salads

Florentine poached eggs VEGETARIAN 9,50€

Avocado with prawns, cocktail sauce 10,50€

Terrine of the moment, “Fait Vauban” 10,50

Plate of varied appetizers of the moment 14,50€

12 clams stuffed with garlic butter 14,80€

Salad of goat cheese VEGETARIAN 17,00€

“Gaëcha” salad (salad, zucchini, carrot, spring rolls, samosa, skewer) 17,00€

Plate of homemade smoked salmon 17,50€

Tapas of fresh scallops 22,00€

6 fine hollow oysters from Brittany n°3 14,00€

12 fine hollow oysters from Brittany n°3 27,00€

Meat & Fish

Ficelle Brestoise with wild mushrooms VEGETARIAN 18.00€

Homemade burger (homemade bread, samurai sauce, goat cheese, cheddar, steak, bacon, tomato) 18,00€

Vegetarian burger (homemade bread, samurai sauce, goat cheese, cheddar, tomato, vegetarian steak) VEGETARIAN 18.00€

Andouillette with muscadet string 20,50€

Beef carpaccio (2 plates) (parmesan and / or basilic) 20,50€

Veal cutlet with cream 20,50€

Butcher’s tartar with a knife (approximately 300g) 24,00€

Grilled rib steak (sauce of your choice) 24,00€

Chateaubriand, béarnaise sauce 26,00€

Duo of fish of the moment serve with white butter sauce 21.50€

Toppings and sauces (additional charge

Side dishes
Potatoes, homemade fries, salad, rice, seasonal vegetables, pasta: 3,00€

Pepper, maitre d’hôtel butter, blue cheese béarnaise: 1,50€

Seafood platters – On order 72 hours before / minimum 2 people

Tasting platter – 2 people (price per person): 40,00€ – 1/2 spider crab or crab, langoustines, prawns, clams, clams (depending on the season), almonds, whelks, winkles, flat oysters, cupped oysters

Ocean platter – 2 people (price per person): 54,00€ – 1 spider crab or crab 1kg, langoustines, gray shrimps, prawns, clams, clams (depending on the season), almonds, clams, varnish, flat oysters, cupped oysters

Platter Royal – 3 people (price per person): 120,00€ – 1 Breton lobster 1kg, 1kg500 of langoustines, prawns, Jumbo winkles, 3 spider crabs or cakes (depending on the season), clams, clams, almonds, whelks, flat oysters, cupped oysters

Pasta and Snaks

Croque-monsieur (bread, ham, cheese, cream): 9,00€

Croque-madame (bread, ham, cheese, cream, fried egg): 10,00€

Plain omelet VEGETARIAN: 11,00€

Ham or cheese omelet: 11,50€

Ham and cheese omelet: 12,50€

Tagliatelle carbonara: 17,00€


Ice cream – 1 scoop 2,50€

Ice cream – 2 scoops 4,00€

Ice cream – 3 scoops 5,50€

Dessert of the day – Consult our boards on site 6,00€

The cheese platter of the moment (3 pieces) 6,50€

Gourmet coffee 8,50€