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Buffet at 32.00€ per person (Drinks not included)

Buffet at 33.50€ per person (Drinks not included)

Book and schedule with us for your evenings with friends, family, work colleagues…)

Book and schedule with us for your evenings with friends, family, work colleagues…)

Booking / 15 people minimum

Booking / 15 people minimum



Salmon in Bellevue

Chicken in jelly

Roast pork rosette

Delicatessen butterflies

Piedmontese salad

Farandole of homemade sponge cake

Place en Bellevue and its mayonnaise

Various deli meats

Piedmontese salad

Cold roast chicken

Chocolate sponge cake

The menu

Menu of the day / Every lunchtime from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. from Tuesday to Saturday

Dish of the day = 14.00€

Starter + main course or main course + dessert = 18.00€

Lunch menu (starter + main course + dessert) = 20.00€

Every evening from Tuesday to Saturday from 7 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. (11.30 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays and the day before public holidays)

Evening entrance = 8.50€

Evening meal = 18.00€

Evening dessert = 7.00€

Evening menu (starter + main course + dessert) = 24.00€

Staters & salads

Homemade smoked beet carpaccio with burrata (vegetarian) 10.00€

Fresh tomato tartare with Chavignol crottin (vegetarian) 10.50€

Chef’s green pepper sweetbread terrine 11.50€

Chef’s pâté en croute with foie gras 14.50€

Bush of beautiful shrimps with anise 15.50€

Palette of gravlax pollack with yuzu 18.50€

Beautiful scallops with wild garlic shrimp (shell nuts, shrimp, mushrooms, wild garlic) 22.50€

6 oysters from Brittany n°3 14.00€

12 oysters from Brittany n°3 27.00€

Meat & fish

Tagliatelle with pesto (vegetarian) 18.00€

Homemade burger (bread, samurai sauce, goat’s cheese, cheddar, tomato, steak, bacon) 19.50€

Vegetarian burger (bread, samurai sauce, goat’s cheese, cheddar, tomato, vegetarian steak) 19.50€

Alsatian-style roasted pork shank 21.50€

Veal escalope with wild mushrooms 22.50€

Chef’s confit lamb shank 23.50€

Butcher’s tartare (approximately 300g) 24.50€

Grilled steak (sauce of your choice) 25.50€

Beef silk (sauce of your choice) 26.50€

Fish of the moment, sauce of the day 18.00€

Fresh salmon koulibiac with white butter 23.50€

(All our dishes are served with an accompaniement)


“Gaëcha” salad (salad, zucchini, carrot, spring rolls, samosa, skewer) 18.00€

Canadian salad with maple syrup (salmon, salmon roe, Canadian cheese, croutons, peanuts, maple syrup, cottage cheese) 18.00€

Accompaniement & Extra sauce

Accompaniement: potatoes, homemade french fries, lettuce, rice, vegetable, pasta 3.00€

Sauce: butter, blue cheese sauce, bearnaise sauce 1.50€

Pasta & Snack

Croque-monsieur (bread, ham, cheese, cream) 10.00€

Croque-madame (bread, ham, cheese, cream, fried egg) 11.00€

Omelette (vegatarian) 12.00€

Omelette with ham or cheese 12.50€

Omelette with ham and cheese 13.50€

Pasta carbonara 18.00€

Board to share

Classic: Terrine, deli, cheese, pickles, lettuce, french fries

Small 15.00€ / Big 23.50€

Charcuterie: Terrine, deli assortment, pickles

Small 7.50€ / Big 13.00€


Ice cream – 1 scoop 2.50€

Ice cream – 2 scoops 4.00€

Ice cream – 3 scoops 5.50 €

Dessert of the day 7.00€

Cheese plate 7.00€

Gourmet coffee 9.50€